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Oka Cup List and 2way draw



Mar 7, 2010, 9:19 AM
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Oka Cup List and 2way draw Can't Post

2010 International CRW Oka Cup;
April 2 thru 4, 2010, Easter Weekend, in Lodi, California.
Events; Casual 2-way, 4-way rote/seq, 2-way internet
Bring a team, pickup a team or we will organize the doggies; Self-scoring or video.
Attached is the 2way draw for you internet folks. The dive draw is more or less same as in past years.

Just one month away for the Oka Cup. Come on out for fun CRW with the dwags. If we get weathered out, we start the drinking earlier. There will be the revolving Oka Cup Trophy, door prizes and "booby" prizes at the party. Do not get too friendly with the goats. One satyr is enough.

Let me know if you can join us for some fun CRW and party.
Come out and fondle some nylon........Ken

OKA CUP LIST - 3/6/10
Abbie Mashaal
Alana Bigley
Bill Mershon - gentleman jack
Chase Bradshaw - single malt
Crag Stapleton - party host
Eric Gallan
Linda Gallan
Frank Lupica - chief judge
Gary Peters
Jeni Gordon - judge
Jill de Diego
Ken Oka - meet director
Don Johnson
LeeAnne Cole
Taylor Cole
Lyn Hannah
Mara Stapleton - party host boss
Marcie Lovell - internet guru
Rose Wheeler
Pat Marcanio
Sean Jones
Mayra Jones
Scott Shumway
Sharon Shumway
Terrina Marchant - jell-o shots
Tiffany Tharp
Zina Zinn
Lori Harness Ė Maybe

An Irishman is not drunk as long as he still has a blade of grass to hang onto."--Unknown.

topdocker  (D 12018)

Mar 25, 2010, 11:35 PM
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Re: [bbqribs] Oka Cup List and 2way draw [In reply to] Can't Post


One week!


Mar 28, 2010, 12:29 PM
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Re: [bbqribs] Oka Cup List and 2way draw [In reply to] Can't Post

Buds are budín buds again
Like buds does every year
Birds are birdín birdally
Cause the Oka Cup is near.

Some say itís the vernal equinox
CRWdogs scream ďCase of Beer!!Ē
And life will turn unorthodox
Cause the Oka Cup is near.

So pencil pack those old reserves
And ease that wrapín fear
All CRWdogs will be jumpín
Cause the Oka Cup is Here!!!!

Yes! Like that itchy rash or last nightís mother-in-lawís turkey surprise, itís back. The OKA CUP. The cup is just 1 week away! Come on out, skydive and party with old friends, re-meet new ones....share that rash or new girl friend with the rest of us.

For the CRWdogs that cannot make it out. We are setting up the website to down load your 2-way video. The details will be out soon.

Fondle some nylon.....ken


Apr 6, 2010, 12:13 PM
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Oka Cup Report [In reply to] Can't Post

9th Annual Oka Cup 2010
Another great time!! Casual CRW competition: 2-way sequential, 4-way Rotation/Sequential, 2-way internet.
A computer server problem caused a postponement of the internet event.
There were no cutaways, no off-field landings, no injuries.
The event brought out new and novice CRWdogs as well as highly experienced dogs. Jumpers came from 4 different states, CA, AZ, WA, ID.
Friday, weather hampered jumping and grounded people. It turned into a rigging day and with the beer light turning on early. Kenís tri-tip, beans and rice for dinner, yummmmmy!
On Saturday, in pursuit of the Cup, some dogs braved the severe cold and damp to make a few skydives.
What turnout to be highly successful sequential dives with low time CRWdogs, they were ecstatic. The rewards of a good skydive took the edge off of the cold and they continued to jump, trying the more difficult dives.
4-way teams; Calzoni, Redline; Age and Treachery
2-way teams; Spatula, DoJoís100, Seared Meat and Breakfast at Tiffanyís.
Sunday, with a pending storm and lingering hangovers, the CRWdogs headed home.
In conjunction with the CRW weekend, Lori Harnessís conducted a CF regional judgeís course with 7 candidates in attendance. 3 national judges and 1 regional director sat in and monitored the course.
Saturday night was a combine dinner banquet with participants from Cheryl Sternís accuracy contest. The gala soiree was hosted by Mara and Craig Stapleton.
The Oka Cup went to team Calzoni in 4-way and team Spatula in 2-way. Some of the door prizes: Oka CRW coffee cups, Peeps, Oka lingerie, Easter Eggs with pullup cords, parachuting bunnies.
Plans are already in the works for next year.
--Fondle some nylon,

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