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AFF Fiji/South America/new zealand/oz????????



Feb 8, 2010, 5:47 AM
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AFF Fiji/South America/new zealand/oz???????? Can't Post

Hi, first time poster! Looking to learn to skydive, have one tandem done and a few static lines but basically starting from scratch. Am currently travelling and would love to settle somewhere beautiful for a month or two and get my skydiving licence!(it is AFF isn't it??? or are there other licences?).Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on nicest but most cost effective place to do this. Looking to start a course in about 3 weeks. Am currently in Argentina but have a flight to Fiji in a couple of weeks or to new zealand then oz after. All can be adjusted to cater for where we wanna be. Love the idea of doing it in fiji but seems to be more about tandems there? I see NZ do a course but seems to be expensive and ya' only get 8 jumps and every extra one needed is quite expensive? At home(ireland) we have been told it should be about 30 jumps so cant afford the price they are quoting. Maybe im just looking in the wrong places!!! Maybe somewhere here(argentina) would be better? Sorry for all the questions but looking for some experienced divers to give me some advice on some beautiful places that would be cheap enough! Thanks in advance!

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