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Sorry for Not understand The importantance


pookieland  (Student)

Jan 1, 2010, 4:14 PM
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Sorry for Not understand The importantance Can't Post

 Thanx to the people who haev aptients with me and this whole threading thing, I now know how to add on and I hope that not knowing did'nt cause you any harmful hardships. I will use this thread from now on to let you know how things are going for me and I will try to put as much information as I can into them with the hopes of understanding you keeping up with me

Where To Start

I still dont have the video yet and I dont know what my camera man has planned for me, but it must be a good thing. As for my modifications I do have pics of a dress rehearsal we did a couple weeks prior to my solos. I think this will be a good place to start, plus you can see me as I was in free fall and under canopy. And when I am aloud to release the video you will be able to see everything at work, but for now I will try to describe the still shots.
Send me your Email address and I will forward what I have. And answer any questions after you see my pic's..... Again Sorry for the Delay


Jan 2, 2010, 5:31 AM
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Re: [pookieland] Sorry for Not understand The importantance [In reply to] Can't Post

no worries pookie i understad its hard to learn new foruns rules, and ways of posting etc.

we all are excited about your skydiving-as for "allowed" to post your video-its YOUR video-you own it you can do what ever you like with it Cool

all is well-and im looking forward to your photos as well as yhe video.

i keept wondering what it meant by the instructor 'fell off' so i asked my DZO (dropzone owner) and apparently it is a safety measure-if the instability is at the level that someone could get hurt- either you or that instructor-the secondary (one on your left) instructor lets go...

actually we discussed a real 'unusual situation' where one guy was doing an AFF jump and the coach kept trying to put his hand on the deployment handle-hackeym but the guy kept putting his hand back on his cut away handle-over and over again-until the guy actually did pull his cut away handle=so now he was in freefall without his main! the insturctor actually had to go dive after him and pull the reserve for him ...

so keep that story in mind... and always tell yourself, what ever happens, happened, you didn't do that Laugh

im proud of you lets keep up the good spirits Wink

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mdrejhon  (C 3268)

Jan 6, 2010, 3:55 PM
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Re: [pookieland] Sorry for Not understand The importantance [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey there,

Starting a new thread now and then is okay, but slowing the threadpost rate down to one per major subtopic such as "My Progress Towards First Solo" and "Questions Thread for me... HELP!". Basically, thread topics become like book titles, and each thread is a different subject. One thread might be a book about your progress. Another thread might be a HOWTO style thread. Another thread might be like a guestbook. You'll obviously get more locked into this habit as time passes and more familiar with your online audience!

Basically just re-use your existing threads. :-)

I know how enthusiac you are, I remember my days chasing Deaf World Record 2005 in this Disabled forum, and my trying to figure out how to become a licensed deaf skydiver without travelling too far -- when I'm the first (known) licensed born-deaf skydiver in Canada.

Now as many people in the big way world know I'm chasing the World Team dream despite my limitations (including scheduling and economically, etc). To top it off I got engaged on New Year's Eve during a vacation with my partner, so things won't be back to normal (schedule-wise and financially-wise!) for a month or two, and I haven't bee on these boards much lately!

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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