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trippin  (A 12345)

Aug 24, 2001, 6:47 PM
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genera Can't Post

Anyone have any experience with the genera ,made by RI . Like most I'm new to the sport and looking around for that first rig.How good is this rig compared to a mirage or other popular containers. I'm not all that concerned with looks, just safety and comfort. Any sugestions.....

Premier PhreeZone  (D License)
Aug 24, 2001, 9:59 PM
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Re: genera [In reply to] Can't Post

Check out By all account the container meets the demands of entry level skydivers.
But a different question is... would you be better off spending 800-900 on a container now that might not be up to the demands you'll place on the gear in 200 jumps, or spending 1300-1400 on a container that will be able to be resold at a fair price while being able to handle the demands of experienced jumps? I debated the same question when I got my rig and decided to get a used container that was inspected and verified that it had less then 100 jumps on it. I was able to get a Javelin wih all the options (hip and chest rings, Stainless steel, etc) for less then $1000. It was brand new so all the freefly mods were already on it. If your jumping big mains now but plan on downsizing soon you might have problems finding a container that will hold a large main now and a small main in 50 jumps. Just some things to think about.

Do I HAVE to do another raft dive??? Smile

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