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Blue skies N430A A poem


airborne47  (A 43475)

Oct 7, 2009, 8:50 PM
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Blue skies N430A A poem Can't Post

The times we got to play together were few
And I never got to know you all that well
But better than most of them
For like me you were skydivers
Those who faced their fears and dared to live
And as a result. You lived large and loud
You were the ones who were always laughing
And on whose faces a smile could always be found
For us the sky was a very special playground
Where we could fly. Like in our childhood dreams
Where we were one with all there is. And will ever be
Where we always longed to be
Where we were truly free. And at peace
Where we faced our deepest fear. And found our greatest joy
When you went down. We all hoped for the best
Then they said. Only seven were found in the wreckage
And we all prayed. For those who were missing
We hoped so hard. Someone would be found alive
But it was not to be. For all ten had been set free
Fly free and at peace. In eternal blue skies. The ten who rode 430 in

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