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How to fit team canopies?



Sep 28, 2009, 6:18 AM
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How to fit team canopies? Can't Post

Hi again,
As we are planing to order storm CFs for our intermediate CReW team we wonder how to choose the right size for anyone.
We have 3 different weight jumpers:
240,200,185 lbs
Planing to jump Storm CF 107,120, 135 or 150.
Resulting in following wingloads:

107 120 135 150 sqft

xxx 2.00 1.78 1.60 lbs/sqft (240 lbs guy)
xxx 1.67 1.49 1.34 lbs/sqft (200 lbs guys)
1.73 1.54 1.37 1.23 lbs/sqft (185 lbs guy)

Should the smaller canopies be loaded little less?
Bold written combination would be like that (if medium guy takes 8 lbs extra weight he has 1.55).

What about the line length difference between different size canopies, it is about 5-6 inch per size.
Can this be equalized by different riserlength, at least for a bit? How do you handle that? We noticed that this becomes important for things like starting a downplane, where the canopies are right in front of each other.

We would appreciate any help with getting the right choice of canopies for our team as it is quite impossible to get storm CF demos over here in Germany.

Thank you in advance
Morris, Bruno, Roman, Alex

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