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Airspeed Tunnel Camp


R00tj00se  (C 100697)

Aug 22, 2001, 3:00 PM
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Airspeed Tunnel Camp Can't Post

Been looking at and wondered if anyone here has ever been on an Airspeed tunnel camp.
Let me know if so and whether you think you benefitted from it at your experience level.

weid14  (D 20292)

Aug 22, 2001, 3:57 PM
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Re: Airspeed Tunnel Camp [In reply to] Can't Post

An airspeed event will definately help, no matter what your ability level, especially in the tunnel. Alternatives do, exitst, however and offer equally as good a coaching (Doug Park and Joey Jones come to mind -- they actually pioneered a lot of the tunnel coaching before it became really hot). Airspeed will take you through prep work, and an extensive de-brief of your flying. You'll also spend a fair chunk of change. I just spent 5 hours in teh tunnel this past weekend, with Doug, and it cost me a lot less (made 9 jumps, too) -- I'm WAY sore!


Aug 22, 2001, 4:03 PM
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Re: Airspeed Tunnel Camp [In reply to] Can't Post

Have you seen airspeed in a video yet. If not go get some then you wouldn't be asking this question. They are unreal (although at 37 jumps almost everyone seems that way) I saw them in crosswind and I wish I could move at a 1000th of their speed (slow is fast). I watched them frame by frame and their body control is awesome I bet you would get better just by touching them.


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