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CF-STUDENTS WANTED for a beginner CF/CRW course.


andyturner  (C License)

Jun 29, 2009, 7:19 AM
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CF-STUDENTS WANTED for a beginner CF/CRW course. Can't Post


Im just a humble ham-fisted CF-Student but I have been very fortune to meet Christophe Balisky who has literally taken me under his wing. On our 3rd exit my break line jammed, the next thing I knew Chris casually top docked me, kindly flew me away from the mountainside and safely back to the DZ, told be not to cut away and briefed me on landing with rear risers. He then criticised me for failing to hit the pit Laugh

Christophes credentials are huge but in summary: French team, World Champion, Big way organiser, helped design the Storm, has the patience of a Saint, being half American speaks perfect English and is passionate about CRW. On top of that, he is also a really nice guy!

Christophe is very keen to teach CRW to increase the number of CRW jumpers within our extremely small family. Between jumps, he asked me to ask around and see if anyone would be interested to learn about CRW using brand new CF Storms courtesy of the French team.

The DZ will be at Gap in France. This does mean you will have to travel but it will be well worth your time because
A. You will be taught by one of the worlds finest.
B. The weather is Mediterranean so is nearly always fantastic.
C. With low cost air lines, from anywhere in the EU, you can easily get to France and back for the same cost as about 4 jump tickets.

If you are interested then please email me directly at Ill need to know your
1. Weight
2. Jump numbers
3. Any previous CRW experience
4. IMPORTANT SO PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This will be a long weekend of jumping, i.e. including Friday and/or Monday. I need to know any weekends that you CAN NOT make in August, September or October 09.

When we know who is coming and when it will happen, Christophe will negotiate with the DZs (there are 4 at Gap) for jump fees, accommodation etc and we can firm up dates & prices.

If you have always wanted a go at CRW then this is your chance to get top quality instruction in the sun, SO GET IT ON!!!

Many thanks & Best regards,
Andy Turner.
PS. Please feel free to print this post and stick it up at your local DZ for the benefit of those that dont do the internet.

andyturner  (C License)

Jul 6, 2009, 2:07 AM
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Chris & I both went to speak to the CCI at Gap yesterday. There was also another dude there, I think he heads up the French team. Anyway, we were discussing the minimum requirements. The French team dude said 30 jumps but the CCI wasn't so keen he would prefer at least 50 with supporting evidence. In a nutshell, there are no minimum requirements & this is not a big CF road show so the Instructors can spend more time with you, therefore if you have less than 100 jumps then I will need extra information from you so a decision can be made on a case by case basis.

I anticipate the course will be in the latter half of September and that you will do some jumps between now and then.

1. Date you started jumping.
2. Total jumps today.
3. How many jumps are you planning on doing by mid Sept?
4. What is your weight without kit?
5. What canopy are you currently flying and how big is it?
6. Can you confidently say that you can hit the pit 6 out of 10 jumps?
7. Have you asked your CCI for permission to do CRW?

RSVP, thanks & regards,

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