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Need advice


Skystorm  (B 44)

Aug 21, 2001, 2:02 AM
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Need advice Can't Post

There's a remote chance that I could get a sponser for my rig. But now I don't know what to get. I'll have to buy everything from a South African ( I live in Namibia, so this is logical ) Company called Icarus Skydiving ( Would any of you be willing to check out their website and help me on the following?
What kind of canopy should I get? (I'm 1.60m tall and weigh 61kgs) And which reserve? Which container is the best? I budgeted the sponser for about R18000-00, jumpsuit
(R850-00) and alti (R1500-00) included.

bbbilly14  (B License)

Aug 21, 2001, 2:26 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

Icarus is a GREAT company (as long as there is only one Icarus, and that should be right). Anyway, they make absolutely fantastic canopies, from docile to extreme. Whatever you want, I'm sure they can help you with. As far as everything else you asked........
I can't answer that.
Be safe, and ask questions!

"Son, you've got a panty on yer head!"


Aug 21, 2001, 3:59 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

From a glance at their web site, it looks like the Icarus in South Africa is a local gear dealer and nothing to do with Icarus the canopy manufacturer.

There's some good gear (containers and canopies)manufactured in South Africa by PISA and Chute Shop, and that'll probably be a lot less expensive than US or European gear.

As for exactly what gear would suit you - it strongly depends on your weight, total number jumps, level of currency you intend to maintain (i.e. how many jumps per month will you be doing), and what gear you jump currently. The best advice will come from an instructor who knows you, though you should get some opinions here if you give us a bit more detail.

BTW most people on this forum don't understand money in Rand - what's that in US$ ?

Hope this is some help,


Skystorm  (B 44)

Aug 21, 2001, 6:40 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

Sorry, Geoff, I tend to forget that this is an international thread. Anyways U$$1.00 equals about R8.00. So it's about U$$2250.00.
I currently have 18 jumps (progressed from S/L and will be doing my 180's next) and I try to jump at least once a month. I would've liked to jump more, but this is out of my hands.
I currently jump the 210 COE-D with a Tempo reserve. I don't know what harness it is, because I rent it from my club and it never crossed my mind to ask. As I said, I weigh about 60kg


Aug 21, 2001, 8:40 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

60 kg is about 140lbs, plus gear puts you at around 170 lbs exit weight. If you're really only jumping once a month, then a 210 or maybe a 190 square foot main is probably about right. You'll want a fairly conventional main - I think a South African ZP-EXE is similar to a Sabre and the COE-D similar to a PD 9-cell.

Your reserve should be about the same size. - a Tempo or Decelerator are fine and made in SA.

Vortex II is a good South African made container, but there are others.

You might just get new gear without an AAD for $2250, but you might not. I'm not sure what the local prices are like. Best talk to your dealer.

You should be able to get a safe used rig with an AAD for your money, but I don't know how many used rigs are available in SA or Namibia.

If you're buying used US or European gear, you should be OK as long as main and reserve are about 200 sq ft and you get a rigger to check the gear over. Stick to the docile canopies - PD 9 cell, PD Sabre, PD Spectre, Triathlon, Fury etc. Most containers are OK, but not all are suitable for freeflying if you want to try that. To be honest, though, you're not likely to get enough practice for that at 1 jump a month.

Hope this is some help. It's just my opinion, and your instructor knows you better than I do.

Good luck.


Skystorm  (B 44)

Aug 21, 2001, 9:03 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

I've just received an e-mail back from Icarus. They also suggest the 150 or 170 ZP EXE, with a Decelerator reserve, as well as the Vortex 11 container. Are you physic or something??Laugh
Also the new rig doesn't have an ADD, that I'll have to pay for myself. My sponser won't cover that also.
About U$$1200-00 out of my own pocket, because there's not many used rigs in Namibia/SA, those available were really USED!!!


Aug 21, 2001, 9:48 AM
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Re: Need advice [In reply to] Can't Post

In reply to:
Are you physic or something??
yes of course

But seriously, please consider larger canopies. A 150 is definitely too small based on what you've said, and a 170 is risky. But it's your decision, your ass....

In reply to:
You're welcome.

Have fun and stay safe whatever you decide.

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