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Gage "Monty" Gibson


PeteS  (D 8230)

Jan 17, 2009, 11:25 PM
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Gage "Monty" Gibson Can't Post

Monty died today at around 10:00 am, his son Nick was at his side. Monty started jumping in 1962 at the Lincoln, CA DZ and quit the first time in 1965, in order to raise his family. He was active in the motorcycle racing scene, doing engine work and setting up race bikes for offroad, flattrack and others. He told me ,"I was the best port and polish guy around for a long time, machine shops tried to get me to work for them but I was having too much fun!". His nickname was "Maco Monty" in racing circles. I met him in 1995 at a friends wake, we hit it off right away. He started jumping again in 1996 I believe, and we got into trouble right away,but thats another story. Monty went on to make another 55 or 60 jumps, quite a few with me. He took to flying these "Square" parachutes really well and could put them where he wanted. I went to see him last week in the hospital, we talked and I told him that when he was done I would take him for one more skydive. I explained that the Lincoln, DZ was open again and thats where we were going to make his "last jump". He got a big smile and said" Hey, take half of my ashes and half of Lelanis' (his late wife) ashes and spread 'em there, cause thats where we met!!!! The other half is goin' to our favorite fishin' hole. I asked,"tell me how you two met." The story goes that Monty was jumping at Lincoln and a guy was hanging around a couple of weekends. Monty told him to come out next week and they would make a skydiver out of him. After two or three months he decides no more skydiving, but his girlfriend wanted to be a skydivers' girlfriend. They were together thirty two years and loved each other very much, now Monty is that young badass again and Lelani is the hottie skydivers' girlfriend,forever........

PeteS  (D 8230)

Feb 5, 2010, 8:16 PM
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Re: [PeteS] Gage "Monty" Gibson [In reply to] Can't Post

 Well Bro, it's been over a year now. We did the ash dive at Lincoln, September 4th. Nick really enjoyed his Tandem, and Cheryl watched from the ground. Murphy and I did the honors, you and Lelani looked real good doing that two way above us after we let you go. JC Harrison and Darrel were both on the ground and happy as hell to see you. I flew your Reflex and Triathlon one more time. Ken Meyer, Mike Hockenberry, Pat Garcia, Ed Pawlowski Pete Galli and a few more who's names are escaping me joined in. We tipped a couple of beers after and told some lies, mostly about you! Nick gave me that 30 plus year old bottle of Jack Daniels you and I opened that one really snowy night. We pulled it off man, but you already knew that...

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