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Pacific Regional Director - Write In Request


Premier MissMelissa  (D 20224)

Dec 1, 2008, 11:51 AM
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Pacific Regional Director - Write In Request Can't Post


Jumps: 8,500
First Jump: 1982 (26 Years in Sport)
Jumps This Year: 600 +

I have been around skydiving all my life - it's in my blood. I have co-ran a drop zone, been on six successful world records, three of which I co-organized, founded the original version of VRW competition (with a lot of help), have four national titles in freestyle and have been competing since 1999 in freestyle, freefly, 4-way, and canopy piloting. I am also an AFF Instructor and Coach Course Director.

Regardless of experience, I have the passion for skydiving in the realm of education. I'm currently in school to pursue a degree in Education. I enjoy being on the forefront of skydiving and believe that given this opportunity I can devote my experiences in helping our sport evolve in safety, growth, and fun!

I am an organized, prompt, enthusiastic, open-minded, and hard working. I believe that I will be able to contribute to positive changes as a Pacific Regional Director.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Please vote! (And write in my name in the empty box to the right)
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