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Bay Area skydiving between now and March 15


dterrick  (B 5079)

Dec 26, 2002, 3:42 PM
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Bay Area skydiving between now and March 15 Can't Post

Blue ones everyone! Hope your holiday/religious observance went well.

'Sister Santa' was good to me and offered a return plane ticket from the Great White North to their place in the Bay area. Besides the visiting, I'd like to get in at least a full day of plummeting SmileSmileSmile Here's my situation:

I have a CSPA B - full RW, need water and night endorsements yet. My gear is not freefly friendly (old racer) so small RW and solo freestyle will be my dives. I'm also REAL big on sightseeing via canopy but under a 'tired' Raven II I'm not very floaty. I do jump a square reserve.

'Decades' ago (early 80's) my brother in law did some s/l jumps in the British Military (and did not enjoy them under the circumstance) and may join me in a FJC or tandem. My sister does not jump but is NOT a Whuffo.

We're all big into wine and winemaking but also all love the sea and the beach, etc.

In 121 jumps I've never jumped out of anything but our narrow body 1956 C-182. I'd like to do some stuff I can't do at home ... like oxygen jumps, learn bigger-than-4 way, some basic freeefly if I can mod my Racer to be safe, etc.

Who jumps where?

Who'll offer me some ideas as to where I should jump ... and why it's the best idea?


PS: I can't wait for all the "come jump Perris" comments - tell me what I'm up for since I might be able to fly out of SoCal but would need to get there from Belmont.


hookitt  (D License)

Dec 27, 2002, 7:43 PM
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Re: [dterrick] Bay Area skydiving between now and March 15 [In reply to] Can't Post

Where in the Bay Area will you be? That can make a difference around here.

jt40ronin  (D 27430)

Dec 29, 2002, 12:04 AM
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Re: [dterrick] Bay Area skydiving between now and March 15 [In reply to] Can't Post

Well, welcome to the bay area. I actually live near belmont as do a few other jumpers i know. As you can tell the weather currently sucks. There are a few drop zones in the area. My home drop zone is Bay Area Skydiving in Byron. They fly a C-182 during the week and a king air on the weekends. There is the Parachute center in Lodi, the have a King Air, Beech 90 (I think), and a Twin otter. There is a drop zone in Davis, but i dont have any information it. Also there is a drop zone in Hollister. As for water training, good luck, most of the water training around here is done during the summer. Night jumps, I hear Hollister will do it whenever they have enough people to put the plane up. Other drop zones do set up certain nights for night jumps weather permitting. Anyway hopefully the weather will clear up and we can jump. Hopefully I'll see ya out there.
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