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Kirils  (D License)

Dec 23, 2002, 1:23 PM
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Stealth Canopy Can't Post

I heard some good things about the Parr-Avis Stealth canopy. After an inquiry to the company here is the response:

I'm a designer of Stealth.
By development of this canopy we used experience of firms: P.D. (Stiletto) , Icarus (Crossfire-I), Parachute de Franse (Springo)
Aspect Ratio is 2,68. It is similar to Stiletto both in the plane form and in the ellipse.
The design of inlets is similar to Crossfire.
The opening of the canopy is twostepped because of the slider looks like a canopy, but it's not so long as at Crossfire-II. At usual flight the horizontal speed is up to 16,5 m/s. At piloting the canopy looks like Stiletto. Members of Russian National Representative Team 8-WEY took part in its tests. Max. recommended wingloading factor is 2,0.
The materials used at manufacture of Stealth are similar to the same Stiletto and Icarus.

Best regards,
Serguei Kirichenko
Paraavis Company

The canopy sells for about a grand + shipping (US)

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