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R00tj00se  (C 100697)

Dec 20, 2002, 7:42 AM
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Travel Insurance Can't Post

Just getting round to sort out some travel insurance for the coming year and wondered how many of you have made a claim and do you declare it on future travel insurance.
Reason I ask is that just under 2 years ago I injured my back on a hard opening - anterior compression of my t5 if I remember correctly. Now I've no problem putting this down on a travel insurance form but what worries me is when they say that they won't pay out for any injury relating to the old injury.
If I was to get a compression fracture of one of my other vertebrae would they pay out or would/could they say that it was linked to the existing injury?
Do they have to get a medical doctor to back up their claims?
If I was to have a bad landing and become paralysed would they just look at it as being a back injury and hence related to the existing problem?
I've tried getting an answer out of a couple of the insurance firms but they just give out a standard answer of 'You would not be insured against the pre-exisiting injury or any claims relating to it' (or something like that). You just can't pin them down to specifics.
Anyone work in the insurance sector or has anyone had a similair problem?

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