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AFF and Students.


taylor.freefall  (A 52570)

Nov 27, 2007, 7:00 PM
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AFF and Students. Quote | Reply

As a new student I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a student and AFF section where newbies can exchange ideas and experiences and thourghts about gear etc etc.
Also maybe an area where solo jumpers can make arrangements to meet other solo jumpers if they so desire. I know I always go to the DZ alone and theres not always newbies to compare stories with which would be nice. Well not just new people, any solo jumpers?

grannyinthesky  (D 30311)

Nov 27, 2007, 9:06 PM
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Re: [taylor.freefall] AFF and Students. [In reply to] Quote | Reply

I like this idea too. Although I've gotten a lot of support and encouragement from lots of people, I have gotten the impression that some of the experienced jumpers aren't as excited as we get about our beginning adventures. I'd love a place to share my first jumps with others who are experiencing about the same things as I am. That way, those who want to cheer us on can and those who are interested wouldn't be bothered by our ramblings. Maybe the Intro and greeting forum could be expanded to include this kind of threads??? Thanks, Pat

Andy9o8  (D License)

Nov 29, 2007, 5:24 PM
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Re: [taylor and granny] AFF and Students [In reply to] Quote | Reply

We've all been newbies, so I certainly understand where you're coming from; and on a certain level, it does make sense.

One problem I see with it, though, is that a separate forum for newbies' skydiving threads would be read and contributed to mostly by newbies, and not by the general population as would be the case in the other skydiving forums.

The danger is this: newbies sometimes give out wrong information or downright dangerous advice on, and it's up to more experienced jumpers to step in quickly and correct them before someone is hurt from following bad advice they read. We can't dump all the responsibility for that on the moderators; we have to do this collectively as a community. I think keeping newbies' skydiving posts in the existing skydiving forums is the best way to make sure that happens.

grannyinthesky  (D 30311)

Nov 29, 2007, 7:48 PM
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Re: [Andy9o8] AFF and Students [In reply to] Quote | Reply

So do more experienced jumpers get irritated when we babble about these first little steps that get us pretty excited?

Premier PhreeZone  (D License)
Nov 29, 2007, 7:57 PM
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Re: [grannyinthesky] AFF and Students [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Nope, babble all you want. In fact listening to those stories actually motivates a lot of people like instructors. Smile

dannydan  (Student)

Dec 27, 2007, 3:25 PM
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Re: [PhreeZone] AFF and Students [In reply to] Quote | Reply

I totally CONCUR with Andy and Phree... Such as this;so=ASC;mh=25; thread posted recently!!

I remember reading this soon after being posted and was thinking that I dont like the sound of it and BAM 99% of the 500+ jumpers said not a good idea!

I may have low jump numbers, but I have almost a half century of LIFESKILLS around my belt somewhere!

In fact I REALLY admire that the EXPERIENCED jumpers actually did JUMP in on that thread WHEN they did...

Lets keep the newbies posting in the INTRO&GREETS, General and BONFIRE Sfty&trng etc...

I never get sick of reading newbie posts! Helps keep my memory of my early days ALIVE !!!

Good reply Andy... and YOU too Phree.... and damnit, that was a good question to! :DD

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