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Bum neck...


MB38  (A 48618)

Nov 4, 2007, 2:14 PM
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Bum neck... Can't Post

Hey all,

About a month ago I was involved in a pretty nasty car accident. Without getting into details, I messed my neck and back up enough to require physical therapy and a handful of prescriptions. As a result, I haven't made a jump in a month.

It's killing me.

After discussion with my doctor, the issue with skydiving is obviously the deployment. I brought up getting tunnel time and they couldn't really see any reason why I shouldn't get in the tunnel. My neck isn't the end of the world - I have my mobility and strength - but it's still not good enough to risk a hard opening in the sky.

I have about a half hour of tunnel time over the past year and I'd love to get time to hold me over until I'm jumping again. Is this a terrible idea? You're all much more familiar with the risks and stresses of tunnel time than I am. Should I stop thinking about getting time until I'm back in the sky?

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freefalljenn  (B 23618)

Nov 5, 2007, 3:48 AM
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Re: [MB38] Bum neck... [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi MB38,
My husband also has a bum neck. He suffered a football injury when he was a teen and then aggravated his neck to the point that he slipped a disc from a hard opening 3.5 or so years ago. He had surgery to "fix" it, but it was never quite right after that. He has jumped a few times since the surgery, but never felt like it was quite right for him to take the risk. He has been flying in the tunnel since 10/03 and has about 5 hours. He has NEVER had additional pain or problems from flying. In fact, he very much enjoys it, but does say that it is no substitute for someone that really enjoys flying a canopy. He will be having more surgery this winter to attempt to "fix" his neck again, and suspects, after that, he will be strictly a tunnel flier. I hope that helps. PM me if you need any more information.

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