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worst possible carriage ride



Oct 29, 2007, 7:34 PM
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worst possible carriage ride Can't Post

I had just started vacation, gotten back on the line to get my aff, certification. Many less than 20 jumps left, a romantic carriage ride on mackinac island just like 23 years ago, except 23 years ago i was on my honeymoon, and the horses did not get spooked and plummet us down a 31 foot (bluff/cliff) judging by the damage to the carriage and to my body, and my husband lost most of his scalp, just like the Indians did. All I now have to show for it is a husband who's brain is all messed up, and I keep getting yelled for every word I speak.

I was the one who was the most beaten up, they say skydiving is dangerous, we got in a huge fight before vacation, on how I had risked our entire future for taking up the sport again, Just 4 extra tandems, with a great instructor, I started my aff classes, but had to leave before the real fun began.

Now I do not know if I will ever be able to jump ever again. The personal damage, a spouse who does not get it, and does not realize that vacations are much more dangerous than a properly planned and exicuted dive.

I have two broken feet, two severly spained ankles, two dislocated and relocated knee caps, a broken humerus, and a badly chipped ulna, and a major pinch on my right wrist.

The carriage accident happened in a flash August 3rd, I contacted the specialist yesterday and he said it has only been 15 weeks (it has only been 12) he expects my pain may come down in another 6 to 9 weeks minimum (add 3 weeks to that).

I have asked if I was ever going to be able to be normal again, he did not really give me an answer. I am not sure what is really going on. He asked me to come into the hospital on a monday for a few extra tests, 17 specialist later, and 10 days later I finally got out of the hospital.

I have only been in physical therapy for 3.5 weeks and the painful part has not yet begun.

I had the next to last of the micro surgeries on my back two whole days before the carriage accident. I am getting the feeling that I may never fly again.

This is the only place I feel comfortable speaking of this, flying again. everyone around me, tells me to shut up and count my blessings, and what a fool I would be to finish my class and get my certification.

will I ever fly again. And if I do finally heal well, will being free as a bird again cause extra pains in the future or will I ever get to go up again

I am a broken eagle, and not just physically

I am all alone. I am in pain, and I am wondering if it will ever go away

Baksteen  (C 708753)

Oct 30, 2007, 3:00 AM
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Re: [RedHotBettyBoop] worst possible carriage ride [In reply to] Can't Post

I have no relevant experience or advice to offer, but I just want to wish you the best of luck in your recovery.


Oct 30, 2007, 3:58 AM
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Re: [RedHotBettyBoop] worst possible carriage ride [In reply to] Can't Post

I don't know anything about skydiving, but I know an awful lot about trauma and injuries, not just from personal experience.

Firstly, 12 weeks is a very short time to assess what your final prognosis will be. So keep positive and don't get frustrated. Use this time to heal properly without pushing yourself too hard. Your physio, of course, is the best person to ask questions about your progress and advice on how to achieve the maximum gain in the minimum time.

I'm not sure I understand all of your post, are you saying your husband has sustained severe head injuries and as a result has had a personality change? If that's the case, again, 12 weeks seems a very short time to know his final outcome. Do you need to despair just yet? I'm sure the medical professionals would be able to advise you on that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is; there is no need to feel all down just yet. Give yourself and your husband some time to heal physically, mentally and emotionally, and only then start thinking about jumping again. Meanwhile, stay positive - it helps! Smile

jojo69  (B 27448)

Oct 30, 2007, 4:32 PM
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Re: [RedHotBettyBoop] worst possible carriage ride [In reply to] Can't Post

Frown So sorry to hear that you had this happen. I work with lots of people who need therapy. I have to agree that 13 (or even 15) weeks is a very short time for the body to recover from the trauma. There is stretching, swelling and bruising to overcome, not to mention the fractures. It takes that long to get over a sprained ankle.

Give yourself a break. Don't push further than your body is ready to go. Pain is the enemy. It will depress you, cause you to stop trying and make you feel like an hour takes all day to go by. Work with your team to control your pain and advance your therapy. Jumping again may be the finish line you are aiming for. Remain positive and visualize yourself there.

I am not sure what you are talking about when it comes to your husband. Is he Ok? Is he suffering from head trauma? Is he yelling at you because he does not understand your desire to jump?


Nov 4, 2007, 12:02 PM
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Re: [jojo69] worst possible carriage ride [In reply to] Can't Post

thanks for the note of care and concern.

no one is sure bout my spouse but i have a few distinct toughts, i finall find my old self from sking to some of me compitition skating to getting back up in the air, and 2 weeks later i try some thing save and at least for the moment i am stuck at -10 all alone

i hope to get moving again --- but by next spring i may be working on my pilots licence. forgive my spelling not ussing my computer. I was offered a great discount for my flying time. but I am pretty sure that it came with a bit more than hot chocolate after we will park and lock up the plane, hate to breat his heart, but I feel that the trip may be a bit dangerous for a married women with a couple of teens, in college.

What I really long for is to be outside, in the crisp fresh air from the last time I was up, you could already see , feel and smell the weather was on the turn.

I just wishing that my healing was that quick.

Later hope to bump into you on the ground after all the toys are put away.

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