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Jul 26, 2001, 1:13 PM
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FYI - This just came to us from Jump Shack...
Product Service Bulletin
Issue date: July 26, 2001

Ripcord Pin Inspection
Ripcord pins originating from Capewell Components LLC, Capewell Part Number PRC-303 Rev. B, affecting ripcords manufactured by Jump Shack from May 15, 2001 through July 24, 2001. Ripcords received before or after this date are not affected.
Inspection of a ripcord manufactured in July, 2001 revealed a pin that exhibited a slightly rough surface. Upon inspection under a high-powered microscope, minute cracks were found in this particular pin. The lot that the pin originated from was easily traced through sales records and Receiving & Inspection Forms. Jump Shack contacted their ripcord pin vendor, Capewell Components LLC, and reported finding approximately 25 similarly affected pins in their stock. Capewell, researched the particular pin lot and determined the exact date of manufacture, and number of pins that may have been affected. Capewell also identified the cause of the cracking - a "stuck" die, hitting one area of the pin repeatedly, as it cold formed the pin, effectively over hardening the metal, causing longitudinal cracks. Proper lubrication of the machine remedied that problem.

The affected pins all passed strength tests performed by Capewell and Jump Shack. The pins are not subject to structural failure. The defect is primarily aesthetic. However, if the rough surface is extreme, it could lead to premature loop wear or snagging. Therefore replacement of affected pins is required.
Service bulletin:
Ripcord pins can be inspected in place or temporary pins can be installed, and the ripcord removed from the pack for inspection. Closely examine the surface of the blade of the pin - that is the long smooth surface that comes into contact with the closing loop. Use of a high-powered glass (loop or microscope), facilitates this job.
To the naked eye, affected pins present a slightly rough surface, scratched or scored appearance, or in the extreme case an actual crack may be seen. Ripcords with such pins should be returned to Jump Shack for replacement.

Compliance date:
Contact Nancy LaRiviere for additional information. Email is:

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