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Aug 2, 2007, 10:41 AM
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Heya all,

We've done a major upgrade to the Dropzone Mail application. Beside a bunch of new and improved features and functionality this also fixes some issues that we've been having with the old application (like the address book not working for some users) Take some time to click around, explore and familiarize yourself with the new application.

We strongly recommend that you read the Help section. There are a loads of new features and this will set you on your way to getting the most out of this free mail service.

One major improvement is that Spam Control is now done not only at the server level, but also at the individual account level. This means, while we still have default setting that will flag incoming messages as spam if it meets a certain criteria, you can now control how "strict" or "lenient" you want your spam filter to be.

To change your spam settings go to: Options --> Spam Detection. At the very bottom of the Spam Detection page you'll see a link to: Show advanced settings

Click on that and you'll see a bunch of settings that you can tweak to fine-tune how spam will be managed in your account. For example: changing the "Advanced View" setting from "No" to "Yes" will give you a link on each email that enables you to flag any message as spam or not. You can do this with legitimate and spam messages. The more you "Learn" the system what a spam message looks like and what not the more intelligent it will become in filtering them out.

And finally, when you visit the new application you'll see things on the pages look a little different. The global navigation links moved slightly, the header and footer looks different... We're slowly starting to update the entire template set. Don't log those as "bugs". Any other issues or problems you may find, feel free to let me know in the Error and Bug Reports forum.

Read the Dropzone Mail Help section

Hope this helps. Enjoy! Smile

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