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"The project 07" Emporiabrava



Jul 24, 2007, 6:33 AM
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"The project 07" Emporiabrava Can't Post

Over the past 4 days Pete Allum at Inner Rhythm Coaching supported by Anne and 2 of the best that PD (and the world) have to offer - Shannon Pilcher & Ian Bobo, have been holding a 4 way RW coaching event at EmpuriaBrava.

I was lucky enough to be selected to attend and below are some of my views of the event:

15 participants where selected - including an established 4 way team from Seville. The mix of ability ranged from people looking to get a taster of 4 way through to intermediate / open jumpers looking to refine skills & pick up more technically challenging jumps & debriefs. Geographically, people arrived from all over the place (from the UK to Australia)

Experience levels - of course - gave the coaching team a difficult task - no one wants to jump below their level, everyone wants to be pushed however could this balance be found ?

I cant speak for the other groups but from my mind it was a resounding "yes", I feel this was down to 2 factors : 1) the coaching team reviewed jump numbers as only one of the selction criteria to build groups; atitude, drive, enthusiasm, tunnel time (of course), coaching history and the language used in emails all played a part, 2) the first few jumps were essentially drill dives - shortfalls in ability would be found !!

As the event developed, the rapid progression of everyone was evident: less experienced jumpers began to work closely in the sky and put together some good radnom work, more experienced jumpers moved on to blocks & bigger pages.

This is in no small way down to the quality of the coaching - what started as "scratch teams" were pushed to gain in confidence and ability very quickly (over just a handfull of dives) but it was also down to the energy generated by the participants (admitedly levels where a little lower the morning after the event meal !). There was a tangiable buzz about the place with jumpers shuffling, creepers spinning & exits practiced followed by 60 seconds of mega focus & some interesting vocals on break off & landing.

By the end of the event 3 of the participants are well on the way to forming a new team & from my point of view, ability levels shot up, future direction was re-affirmed & the fires to "go fast, 4 way style" were fueled.

Lets hope the guys put on a similar event next year -keep an eye open, I'd recommend it.



May 9, 2008, 6:24 AM
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Re: [TooAddicted] "The project 07" Emporiabrava [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to refresh this post as I have noticed that Anne & Pete are advertising for this years PD Project

I've re-read my post from last year (see below) & it all still stands - the event is a great way of getting an introduction or further progression in 4 way and getting the worlds best (and free) coaching along with it!

If anyone has any interest in 4 way and wants to see what it is all about or wants some good solid progression in a fairly relaxed environment, then apply right now.

Judging from last year I'm sure that like-skilled individuals will be grouped together or infact teams could be accomodated - best ask Anne & Pete directly if youde like to go along as a team.

Maybe see you there.....


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