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Above Knee Amputee Input


Gawain  (D 29213)

Mar 14, 2007, 7:27 PM
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Above Knee Amputee Input Can't Post

Just some general observation based on the 20 or so jumps plus 15 minutes of tunnel time since my injury last year:

I have a relatively long residual limb, but I'm not a knee disarticulation. I've been using a the Endolite Mercury "High-Activity" knee with an Íssur Ceterus foot. The Mercury knee has a CaTech cylinder. This is attached to carbon MAS-socket. I wear an Alpha Spirit liner which I don using a pull sock (suction) and use a neoprene running belt as supplementary suspension.

Landings are not hard to manage (despite my current difficult curve with a 7-cell F-111 demo canopy) on the leg. One of the keys I found worked under a Sabre 2 or Spectre canopy was to land first on the "peg-leg" and walk on to the strong leg.

With the more challenging canopies, because of their more "sinking" landings that "walking" technique may prove worthwhile as well, but with minimal forward movement in some instances, I'm still working on that.

Freefall is pretty straight forward. I place the knee into minimal resistance by flipping the lever on the back of the CaTech cylinder and the knee flexes neutrally during free fall. If I backslide, I compensate with the other leg and my adjust my "mantis" stance. A type of belt is possible with my set-up, screwing a buckle into the socket and feeding the belt through a loop near the bottom of the knee unit. If you choose this be careful not to limit flexion of the knee too much, or you'll have forward movement which can't be remidied during freefall.

For me, it was tunnel and back to the sky. I'm still getting used to it, but overall, it's as if I never left. Cool

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warpedskydiver  (Student)

Mar 18, 2007, 7:22 AM
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Re: [Gawain] Above Knee Amputee Input [In reply to] Can't Post


Kick ass Max!

Just don't get it wet in the swoop pond

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