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Nov 1, 2002, 1:25 AM
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New Forum Structure Can't Post

Heya all,

As you probably noticed by now I've made some changes to the forums. I've not removed any forums or changed the rules for any existing ones, I've added some new ones and restructured the categories.

The Talk Back forum is going ballistic and from here it runs a risk of not only becoming a victim of itself but also doing collateral damage. Not doing anything was not really an option. This community is not the same size or beast as it was when I created the original set of forums. In principle I don't mind a forum that's moving as fast as a chat room, (it's a good problem to have!) but I think I need to throw a life-line to those people who actually want to talk about skydiving! Wink

Good information were getting lost in Talk Back. Shortly people will start to leave because the forum structure does not support their need to find skydiving related information quickly and easily.

I don't believe in "death by a thousand cuts" and has therefor chosen not to introduce change in small drips and drabs but to make substantial structural changes with the eye on the future. We have to set ourselves up for a community that will continue to grow and where the needs will continue to evolve.

Although people are almost always averse to it in the beginning, change is constant and good. If we fail to recognize growing needs then an respond to them I am certain that our inaction will destroy everything we're trying to create here.

I've put in quite a bit of thinking into the new forums and structure and consulted with a lot of people. There is a method to this madness. Look around, I think you'll find it useful. I urge you to carefully read my Welcome post to each forum before you post there. It should give you some ideas as to the nature and character that I have in mind for each forum. All the new forums are topical, this is the only forum where you can talk about whatever you want.

New Forums are:

Introductions and Greets
New to skydiving? Or maybe just new to these forums? Well, by all means start off here with a quick hello to introduce yourself.

Women Only
A place for women to share their experiences, ask female-related questions and get empowered in a comfortable environment. All are free to post or read, but keep in mind that there can be sensitive topics here, enter with maturity in mind. Highly moderated.

Non Jumpers
Interested in skydiving? If you haven't made a jump yet but have questions or want to learn more before you try it, ask your questions here.

General Skydiving Discussions
Have a skydiving related question? Get a skydiving related answer here. If your post is related to another topical forum, please post there. If it's not related to skydiving, please post in Talk Back.

Events & Gatherings
For the announcement, organization and planning of major skydiving Events & Gatherings. Tell us the where, when, why and how here. When its done come back and tell us how it went!

Places to Jump
Do you have questions about DZs or places to jump anywhere in the world? Want to hear from someone who've already been to a DZ you plan to visit. Looking for opinions on DZs in a specific area for a first or up-jump? Ask here.

Skydiving History & Trivia
Who did what, when and where? Post and read about the trend-setters, old-schoolers, and even the new young guns. If you have questions about skydiving history or traditions, ask here.

The BASE Zone
If you plan to try your hand at BASE jumping make sure you know what you're getting into. BASE jumping is extremely dangerous and you should clearly understand the risks before you think about it, whether you're a skydiver or not!

There are likely to be a few more changes in the near future. I welcome feedback and suggestions. Have fun! Smile

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