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Night video results


ramon  (D 26115)

Jul 6, 2001, 11:46 AM
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Night video results Can't Post

I decided to a large amout of experimentaiton on the ground and next time I will have a better start for vide in night jumps.

results PC5:
1.Low lux settings tried to film plane takeoffs. shutter speed very slow, everything very blurry and choppy...BAD
worse trying to use zoom..yuk.
2. Moonlight settings infinity focus...ok video if someone swooped 5 feet in front of me and the car lightss, very difficult to see the canopy pilot until they were on top of you. All video crap.
3. auto Exposure, ok but only if someone swooped right in front of you close to a light source. Best shot someone landed by some little shit heads right when a big fiery explosion (home made fireworks) went off. It lit up the canopy pilot briefly for a spectacular Apocolypse now shott....very lucky.
4!!!! Night shot settings infinity focus no lens. Best swoop landings. Everything smooth and through the view finder you could see the canopy pilot on approach and judge your video. just like day time video as far as smoothness probably because shutter speed was fast. Battery was not eaten up quickly at all if you use the viewfinder and not the screen. My best shots were using this. I did not try super night shot as it is very close range.

I will probably use night shot on some jumps with lots of glow sticks (facial area too), I suspect this will be the best other than heavy spotlights Laugh.

bloo ones

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