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Jimmy Heffernan asked


BLee52  (D 5671)

Oct 23, 2006, 1:10 PM
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Jimmy Heffernan asked Can't Post

Jimmy Hefferan wrote me and said that Newell had a site with all the SCR numbers on it, he said all of them are not on the site cause he could not find my SCR/SCS numbers so I had to write him back and tell him why.
I thought it would be good story here....

Hey Jimmy,
That's because I didn't send in my paper work, I didn't have the money.
Not only that, when I sent in my NSCR paper work it was on an old form that was one dollar cheaper.
Teresa Newell sends me back a letter saying I got my number, its 935, and as soon as I send in my other dollar, I can have my card and patch. Well I got my number so I didn't send in the dollar. A year and a half later I was at the nationals boogie in Tahlequah, and I'm a little bummed cause I wanted a 14 grand jump (I had only ever been to 10,5) and the first plane just went to 12,500 cause of mechanical problems, the next plane shut one engine down at 10 grand so. I'm sucking on a brew, bemoaning my fate to Scott Hilton when Dwayne Bruette comes up to me, and asks if I want to go on a hoop dive, I say no cause there not that much fun, he says he got them figured out, that we go through the hoop, and don't hook up, just mill around and stay below the hoop till everyone comes through, and then build it.
I think that a good idea, kind of like after a funnel, and lord knows I'd had plenty of those that rebuilt. But I was not convinced, He says Newell is going on it, I says "So" like I'm not impressed, but really I'm thinking Hell, I still owe him money, even though I'm not scared that he's going to remember, I owed him the dollar, and I had the dollar then. Dwayne tells me, all the other guys that are going to be on the dive and I know and like all of them, I'm still not excited about it. BUT then Dwayne says that it's going to 14 grand so I'm interested , I says I'm Bummed cause it's the third try, and it is either going to get there, or kill me, He says it will get there "he guarantees it" so I says "sure I'll go".
I still don't know why I fall for this, that damn fool Dwayne don't know any more than I do what going to happen next.
Anyway we go, it is successful, I could tell before I went through the hoop, I was late in the formation, I think there was a guy behind me but everyone was flying just to the other side, I don't think it was 12 grand yet, and I remember thinking how do you figure the numbers on this cause everyone gets in at the same time?
Well when we get to the ground I'm happy about the dive but this is an added expense now , I didn't mind having to come up with a dollar (cause I owe that)but now I'm faced with a larger expense I was not willing to incur, But two things happened one was
Manley Butler was about as happy as he could be, I had never seen that guy smile that big ( I never seen him smile at all) He mostly always looked mad about something to me, so's I'm impressed and thinking this may be a big deal, then Dwayne says I gotta go give Newells daughter my name. So I come clean to him about owing the dollar, spending more money I could be jumping with and not wanting to go over there when he says, that because Newell was on the load, and because he had been trying so hard to get it for so long, that the fee was on him. I went over there and Newells Daughter was there, did I mention she was like drop dead gorgeous, well she was.
She took my name and then made this funny face, not that repulsed look that most girls give me, but a different one. I was going to say something about the money ,but she looked busy ,so's I try to walk away real quiet like and she says, "Oh you need to give me a dollar for your stuff" So I wait till she was done, (easy cause I got to watch her work ,she was a very nice person, smart too )and she had my card already printed out in her records, but when she went for the patch, she says that she don't have a good one, only one patch that the printers had made wrong, and she was not going to pass it out, but I could have it, if I wanted. I says sure, I would have said yes to anything right then, did I mention that she was like really good looking, with large---eyes.
So thats why I don't got no SCR/SCS numbers, I think I would have had about a 4000 SCR and a 15-16 hundred SCS but It don't matter.
Also its why I got a NSCR with NIGH perfectly spaced, not like the T was forgotten, but really made like that.
Some day I'll tell you why Dwayne got a 2 digit NSCSA number instead of the number 6 I got.

Premier wmw999  (D 6296)

Oct 23, 2006, 1:22 PM
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Re: [BLee52] Jimmy Heffernan asked [In reply to] Can't Post

The other reason might be that there's a big hole in the records. Mine's in the hole.

But I like your story a whole lot better. How come I can't ever make stuff sound as cool?

Wendy W.

fastphil  (D 5801)

Oct 24, 2006, 11:04 AM
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Re: [wmw999] Jimmy Heffernan asked [In reply to] Can't Post

Good story, Bill, what a trip. Gotta say, though, that your NSCSA number looks kinda high from my point of view...

BLee52  (D 5671)

Oct 24, 2006, 12:08 PM
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Re: [fastphil] Jimmy Heffernan asked [In reply to] Can't Post

it shoulda been ten

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