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How do you get your hand out there?


CBurket  (C 32563)

Oct 20, 2002, 9:05 PM
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How do you get your hand out there? Can't Post

I am trying to get my hand directly out in front of me in a sit so I can reach out to dock on someone when they're Headdown. Any tips on how to do this would be appreciated. I got it pretty good once and my legs were just really un-level to prevent any turning and the next time I tried I just got pretty unstable. Since I've only tried it twice I need to do a lot more jumps getting it down, but if anyone has any easy tips or tricks, they would be appreciated.

nacmacfeegle  (D 11004)

Oct 21, 2002, 5:06 AM
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Re: [CBurket] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

You more or less have the gist of it.....You have to counter the turning/instability caused by lack of symmetry.
Okay here is what worked for me, but your mileage may vary....
to get your hand in front of you, try twisting at the waist, push your 'counterweight arm out behind you at the same time you push the hand out for the dock. You will need big input from your legs/thighs to assist in the 'counterbalance', so get them as wide as possible for increased stability. Baby steps for the first couple, till you get used to the balancing act.

This is a good exercise for solos, and its definitely worth working on. Try a little at a time, and also alternating docking hands, so you don't end up with a 'preferred' hand. It is important to master this on your own as you don't want to fall out of your sit when someone else is close proximity...very uncool.

If you are unsure, you can always turn in place and present a 'side hand dock' but it just isn't as cool....

freeflydrew  (D 23992)

Oct 21, 2002, 8:01 AM
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Re: [CBurket] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

There's two things to think of regarding taking a dock in the upright position (not necessarily sitting vs. standing). The first, obviously, is taking the dock with your hand. The other is flying without the hand you're docking with. A friend of mine loves to fly upright with one hand on his head. He is able to fly around as if he was using both hands, but always has one hand free. Sometimes he flies upright with no hands Try it... flying like this involves more of your legs, and back than when you fly with both hands. **If you envision yourself docking with your right hand, try flying with your left hand on your head. This way you'll practice the side of your body that is probably less comfortable for you, and when you feel good about it, try flying without your right hand. You'll probably be able to do it without any practice. I swear it works like that! It works like that for pretty much everything in this sport. Practice your weak side, and your strong side will naturally happen. In the end, you will have the ability to fly without depending on either hands.
Taking the dock... If you can fly with one hand, you should be able to fly docked with someone else... It's getting the dock that can be tricky. When you come closer to someone, a lot of people have a tendency to reach out to the person... this will definitely make you move away from them (push you back). What you want to do is move towards them (slowly!!!) with one hand tighter to your body. Stop moving towards them, and reach out a little to take the dock. As soon as you reach out too far, you'll be blown away. I think that docking on someone's foot is probably the easiest sit type of dock.

Oh yeah, one more thing... when the dock starts to make you spin, or you feel like it's not stable, try to let go before it blows apart. This way you'll stay closer to you partner and be able to practice taking the dock, and not playing the good old game of chase your friend around the sky for 45 seconds.

AggieDave  (D License)

Oct 21, 2002, 8:30 AM
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Re: [CBurket] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

This is something that I've been working on too (and am now starting to really get it Smile). What it took for me to do it, was to NOT think about it, to just stick a hand out. If I anylized too hard and tried too hard, I'd cork. Zen and the art of FFing, right?Smile

VivaHeadDown  (D 28101)

Nov 12, 2002, 2:22 AM
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Re: [AggieDave] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm also more along the lines of Dave when it comes to learning. I think about it to death on the ground, but once I'm in the air I just reach. What I find gets the job done is by allowing things to sink in, and changing the way you think about flying your body. It may be more time consuming than people who can work on the technical motions in the air, but it becomes permanent because it's based on a way of thought, rather than a calculated movement. If this means anything to anyone, right on.

kansasskydiver  (D 25659)

Nov 12, 2002, 11:38 AM
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Re: [VivaHeadDown] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

I think the best way to do it at first is from a side dock. If you're trying to do a mind warp, the best way to start doing it is have the person, or yourself dock from the side. Get used to having to look at the person upside down and moving your hand on the side which could cause your to turn or cork. Once you get used to, couldn't say it any better than dave, just do it instead of thinking it, try it with one hand in front of you. Remember you always want to stay stable and symetric. I also strongly urge you to try it to the side before straight out, that way if you cork, you don't have someone directly on top of you and infront

wildblue  (D 26027)

Nov 12, 2002, 12:26 PM
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Re: [CBurket] How do you get your hand out there? [In reply to] Can't Post

A few people have mentioned - you have to get your hands out of it. Fly without them. Cool little thing I did: next time you go out by yourself, take something like the plastic cap to a bottle of water and pass it from hand to hand while trying to maintain your sit. Pass it in front of you, pass it behind your back, over top your head, whatever. You'll have something else to focus on, so you won't be over-analyzing what it is you're trying to do. The first few times will be really hard, and you'll probably lose stability a few times - just keep trying.

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