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Hope for the damaged


patworks  (D 1813)

Feb 18, 2006, 8:22 PM
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Hope for the damaged Can't Post

Officially disabled from 7K jumps, car wrecks, yadda yadda, ... I share good news besides being not-dead:
a) Your tolerance for pain is very high. This is handy.
b) Doctors sometimes get it wrong. I CAN step off a high curb and not be paralyzed for life sez 4k jumps; I can land with 'no-ankles sez 1k jumps....
c) Getting back to 'normal' is possible: Yoga and Tai Chi cure all your warts, mostly. Booze and drugs are helpful for some. Braces and supports are handy.
d) Sometimes not having a limb or joint is better than putting up with the hassles. Mostly true.
e) Think about it, many-most of your 'normal' friends have emotional/ social/ mental/ moral handicaps.
f) Parking places are easier to find.
g) The attention you may attract is a given
h) Being ambulatory is good. Very.
i) You'll always feel blessed by Dr.-waiting-room trips where some in the assembly are Way more FU than you. It could be worse.
j) Not waking up with a toe-tag means its going to be a GOOD day.

Check your toes each morning. Have a good day.



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