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unstable deployment


waster  (Student)

Sep 2, 2002, 4:43 AM
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unstable deployment Can't Post

Had a bit of a scare on saturday. Have only recently progressed onto 5 sec delays, but since doing my first two freefalls i didn't jump for a month, as i was enjoying the summer break from college with whuffo friends. So, i decide to jump on saturday cause i was itching to get back in the air again, and really needed to keep myself current and see friends i hadn't seen for ages due to me not being at the DZ. I turn up about midday and do the practice that the CCI made me do cause of my month break from jumping. Then i spend the afternoon chilling out with buddies and finding out that they qualified without meFrown. Finally get on a lift by the end of the day, really excited and apprehensive at the same time. Get up to 4500, our exit height, and i exit. According to the jumpmaster, i had my feet tucked up right against my bum for some strange reason, so i didn't have the worlds greatest arch. I didn't feel unstable at all, until after my 5 sec of freefall, i go in for the pull. Suddenly, i roll over to the left, and flip onto my back. Not a problem i thought, having pulled unstable before and not had any trouble. So i pull whilst on my back and slightly headdown and wait for the canopy to pull me upright. But then i see the pilot chute come wobbling out around my leg region. Have time to think "aww sh*t" before it flew off, pulling the bag out past my legs and the lines once around my left leg. Fortunately the lines worked their way free after a couple of secs and the canopy opened oh so sweet above my head, but it left me with a bridle line shaped bruise on my leg and a fair few grazes where the lines had been. Friends said that the main thing was that i didn't panic and chop or pull my reserve when i felt the lines round my leg, but it certainly shook me up, especially knowing that it could have got a lot worse, what with the pilot chute so damn close to my legs. I'm gonna jump again this weekend, but beforehand i'm gonna do a lot of practice with my arch on the bedroom floor, cause i don't want that to happen again!Blush

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puffdaddy  (D License)

Sep 2, 2002, 5:42 AM
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Re: [waster] unstable deployment [In reply to] Can't Post

Wink Glad you are OK. I had my first cut-away on my 5 sec delay back in 1987 and can still remember it clearly. This once again highlites how important a good arch and stable position before deployment is. Sounds like you have gone headdown as well. Remember to look up at that plane. Last but not least get back in that plane as soon as possibleUnsure

Safe dives

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aneblett  (B 5001)

Sep 3, 2002, 10:27 AM
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Re: [waster] unstable deployment [In reply to] Can't Post

Great Awareness my friend!!

Glad that you are ok. I agree with Puff get back up as soon as possible!

blue ones,


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