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SkydiveMonkey  (B 102345)

Aug 30, 2002, 5:04 PM
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Decisions .... Can't Post

Ok, I've got the chance to buy a 2nd hand wingsuit, but I only have 95 jumps. I want to get into wingsuit flying as soon as possible, but it'll take me a while to get to 200. Should i get the suit now, or wait?

Premier SkymonkeyONE  (D 12501)

Sep 1, 2002, 6:41 AM
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Re: [SkydiveMonkey] Decisions .... [In reply to] Can't Post

If it is a good deal, I would buy the suit now and sit on it until you are ready to jump it. If nothing else, you could put it on and sport it around the house making "whoosh" noises. Cool


SkydiveMonkey  (B 102345)

Sep 1, 2002, 11:28 AM
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Re: [SkymonkeyONE] Decisions .... [In reply to] Can't Post

It's the one in the classifieds at the moment. What do you think. Tom has said that after the patch, it still flies exactly the same as before, plus it has LQRS added.

Premier cpoxon  (D 11665)
Sep 4, 2002, 3:24 AM
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Re: [SkydiveMonkey] Decisions .... [In reply to] Can't Post

You should consider 200 as an absolute minimum. How long did it take you to get to your 95 jumps? How long do you expect it to take you to get to 200? If you buy the suit do you expect to jump it under the supervision of an experienced wingsuit flyer. If you do, is there such a person at your DZ or do you intend to travel somewhere there is. Have you spoken with this person about it? If not, would your CCI be happy to let you jump it with 200 jumps and no supervision? Unlikely since the BirdMan recommendation is still 500 jumps for trying a suit without supervision. You're a student (Uni not skydiving) aren't you Alex? I think the money would be better spent elsewhere on jumps or coaching. From your profile, you say you have no AAD. I assume this is due to lack of money or the belief that money is better spent on currency/skills/awareness through jumping (I should probably do a search for your opinions on this before making such a statement :-S edit: found it) so maybe you should apply the same reasoning to the wingsuit? Second-hand suits will be available when you are ready, moreso infact due the increasing popularity of the discipline with more suits out there and also new models coming along. So what benefit would having the suit but not the money do you now? Apart from being able to say you have a wingsuit?

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SkydiveMonkey  (B 102345)

Sep 9, 2002, 4:23 AM
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Re: [cpoxon] Decisions .... [In reply to] Can't Post

When i start, it's DEFINITLY going to be with a BMI. no doubt there. I'm leaving it for now anyway. Going to keep working on my FF and RW until the time comes around. Cheers !! Smile

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