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Low timer self induced linetwists at 1000'


blazingcannon  (C 3072)

Aug 29, 2002, 10:46 AM
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Low timer self induced linetwists at 1000' Can't Post

Ahh, more stories to tell- her'es another one.

Back when I had like 25 jumps or so - my first time on a ZP canopy- right off Manta 265's or something, Woo hoo- radical turns!

Being Mr.Happytogglejockey, there I am wrenching down the right toggle, then thinking I can quickly compensate for the turn by whipping down the other one. Well, don't I forget about our dz's "no radical canopy turns for students below 2000 ft rule" and give myself enough momentum to spin myself into like 4 or 5 1100 ft.

There I am kicking out of twists at 1000 ft flying backwards- kicking, kicking..

and then it occurs to me...maybe I have to do emergency procedures...

So I look down (stiill twists, flying backwards) and grab the first shiny handle I see, thinking, " didn't my instructor tell me that sometimes there's situations where you should just go for your reserve?"

I didn't pull it ( aeee! thank god- i'm still here, out of my jumping-teens)

Lesson learned:

With low jump numbers, practise those reserve procedures properly till you puke-

Cutaway, reserve.

Man, it scares me to think how little awareness I had when I was starting out.

Awareness is still something I have to work on. : )

Cheers and free beers,

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