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Camera accessories


Aviatrr  (D 27349)

Jun 4, 2001, 10:56 AM
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Camera accessories Can't Post

I recently ordered a Sony PC-5, and am wondering exactly which accessories I should get.. I will be using it strictly for personal video for now, mostly freefly..

Which wide angle lens is the best for this type of photography? .50 or .42? Is the field of view adequate on a .50 for big way freefly dives?

The PC-5 comes with the FS11 battery, which they claim is good for up to 65 minutes. I plan on getting an FS21 or 31, possibly one of each. Realistically, how long can I expect out of these batteries on a PC-5 while recording without the video screen on?

I have not decided whether to mount the camera in a full box or just an L-bracket with camera condom. Any recommendations? Of course, the full box will protect the camera better, but does it add a lot of bulk or weight?

Are there breakaway ring sights for sale out there? I would like something that I could easily snap off if necessary. Of course, I will have a single point helmet release - but would much rather just ditch the ring sight(rather than the whole camera and helmet) if a line snags on it. I'll be mounting the camera on a Skydance Velocity helmet. Thanks


apincus  (D 13584)

Jun 5, 2001, 4:22 PM
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Re: Camera accessories [In reply to] Can't Post

I'm not sure how your mounting your camera. I will clue you in on that the extended life batteries do not allow you to close the box due to the increase in size. They are very bulky and the box is molded for the standard size batteries.

As far as lens angle goes, it kind of depends on what your filming and what kind of style you have. I think a 0.5 is a pretty good all around lens.

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