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Weston Wingsuit Festival


Premier cpoxon  (D 11665)
Jul 23, 2002, 1:53 AM
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Weston Wingsuit Festival Can't Post

The Weston Wingsuit Festival which took place this weekend was a fantastic success!

I'd like to thank Andy and Bev Ford for organising and making it happen, Dave Woods (CCI at Weston) and all his staff for their help (including getting in Texel's Caravan), all those who lent their demo and previous suits so we could get people in the air, the experienced jumpers who took the new guys out on their first jumps, the jumpers themselves (new and experienced), L&B for providing some ProTracks to record the flights (data will be appearing on my site soon), the guys from (who came along to record data for their project and lend their GPS recorders.

I wouldn't like to thank the British weather which tried to spoil our fun but failed.

Have a look at some of the pictures Swardy took.

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Premier SkymonkeyONE  (D 12501)

Jul 23, 2002, 6:05 AM
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Re: [cpoxon] Weston Wingsuit Festival [In reply to] Can't Post

Nice pics. Looks like yall had a good time.


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