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2005 WFFC Sport Accuracy Results



Aug 14, 2005, 7:09 PM
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2005 WFFC Sport Accuracy Results Can't Post

2005 WFFC Sport Accuracy Open Competition Results

I am pleased to present the winners of the 2005 World Free Fall Convention Sport Accuracy Open Competition held at Rantoul, IL on August 9th 2005.

This is the 12th year that an accuracy competition has been held at the WFFC.

There were a total of 16 competitors.

Here are the results after three rounds of competition.

The Team Sport Accuracy Standings:
1st Place Team: Swoopee Bangers
Score: 64.14 meters
Judy Hayes, Bill Hayes, Kim Tucker, Dean Bickel

2nd Place Team: Wings Composite
Score: 108.71 meters
Lew Sanborn, Bryan Patrick, Paul Meissner, Jaime Wynn

3rd Place Team: Fly Society
Score: 234.46 meters
Jeff Meade, Brian Meade, Terry Friend, Dean Baxter

4th Place Team: Potluck Soup
Score: 259.56 meters
Chanell Bradberry, Robert Reichert, Jeff Phillips, Bill Decker

The Individual Sport Accuracy Standings:
1st Place – Bryan Patrick, 0.69 meters
2nd Place – Jaime Wynn, 1.54 meters
3rd Place – Judy Hayes, 4.74 meters
4th Place – Jeff Phillips, 10.11 meters
5th Place – Bill Hayes, 18.80 meters
6th Place – Kim Tucker, 20.18 meters
7th Place – Dean Bickel, 20.42 meters
8th Place – Jeff Meade, 22.29 meters
9th Place – Lew Sanborn, 29.83 meters
10th Place – Robert Reichert, 60.84 meters
11th Place – Terry Friend, 61.45 meters
12th Place – Dean Baxter, 75.34 meters
13th Place – Brian Meade, 75.38 meters
14th Place – Paul Meissner, 76.65 meters
15th Place – Bill Decker, 83.61 meters
16th Place – Chanell Bradberry, 105.00 meters

Sportsmanship Award: Larry Talbert

A special thanks to my staff and judging crew of Carol Allaman, Tamara Koyn, Roger McKenzie, Steve McAnulty, Larry Talbert, Stephen Deters, Renee Wand and Wayne Berke.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeff Steinkamp
Chief Judge

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