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Sloap soaring


Swede  (C License)

May 22, 2001, 7:09 AM
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Sloap soaring Can't Post

Im about to try sloap soaring with my skydiving equipment on a nice little skiing slope (no snow, green grass). Has anyone tried this & can give me some advice on how to get the thing in the air??

Should the brakes be stowed or unstowed? etc

Billy  (D 25768)

May 22, 2001, 3:42 PM
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Re: Sloap soaring [In reply to] Can't Post

Yo Swede,,
I was thinking of the same thing,, off of Mt. Ranier in Washington state,, no weeds,, 14,410 MSL,, steep slopes and ideally a light wind,, sounds possible and beats the hike down that ruins my knee,,what ya'll think?? I was curios ta glide slope and decsent rate, chute size at that alt etc.. I looked into some paragliding schools and the cost is prohibitive,, well, more like a lot of skydives and a good used rig ta get that setup & training,, so if ya decide ta do this let me know how it goes otay!!

ramon  (D 26115)

May 23, 2001, 5:47 AM
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Re: Blade running [In reply to] Can't Post

By the way I don't recommend this unless you talk to someone with experience like Rob says, and I have never done this myself.

On the Chronicles 3 video Olav jumps out of a little plane above a ski slope, he carves onto the slope where there are air blades set down the slope, and he basically slaloms his small eliptical down the course. This is called Blade running and it is gaining popularity close to ski slopes.

It looks like a lot of fun....but it also looks like you better plan all your outs in case you miss a turn, or miss a landing area, because it looks congested and you probably build up some speed in parts of the slopes. You are flying a parachute and not a paraglider (parapente) in these things so you are going down the whole time.

bloo skies

Billy  (D 25768)

Jun 6, 2001, 8:41 AM
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Re: Blade running [In reply to] Can't Post

Rob, Ramon,
Thanks for the input,, it won't be happening this year as far as I can see,, only have 43 jumps and ain't ina hurry to get throttled ya know,, blade runnin sounds exciting but not even gonna go there,, and ya the conditions would have ta be perfect,, climbed Ranier years back on the first attempt then failed twice after that,,weather moves in quick up there!! was thinkin of bringin up them silly really short short skis so I wouldn't have ta run at all,, just point'em down and haul ass!! definately a larger chute for the LZ's also would be 5500-6000 ft,, so Rob ya out at Kapowsin?? Pitt Meadows?? And Ramon congrats on your teams recent finish,,
Thanks again,,

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