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another classified idea (long..)


heidihagen  (A 49756)

Jul 1, 2005, 11:47 AM
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how about a forum style classifieds section instead?

it would eliminate the new/new to me problem somebody mentioned a while back, and maybe some of the theft issues since they'd be forced to post and hopefully fill out their profile/dropzone.

people would have less issues uploading pix. but would there be a way to delete them from your archives so they don't eat up bandwidth over time??
it might encourage pm's rather than emails (i just came across classified emails almost 2 weeks old)... someone in the bonfire was complaining about no responses as well.

also, users could *kind of* rank the seller after it's over and done with just by what is said on the thread. a short term rank, but i'm sure it would help gain credibility if they are selling other items.
or, if something negative happened, then they could explain. this way that seller won't screw over more than one person.

i think it seems like a better idea because i've noticed more than a few names that just registered/listed today (or close). it probably just means they just signed up today and want to sell their stuff, but still... it's sad that we can't trust them and it would be cool if there was a place to post for networking purposes.. thst way you might have a batter idea if who your seller is. (does that amke sense? it's hard to explain)

the original thread would have a longer edit/del expiration given the circumstances for when things sell. i know it would be a big change and a ton of work. i just thought this might be an alternate way to take some of the recent problems.

thanks for readingSmile

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