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Check Your Front Riser Loops!



May 12, 2001, 10:34 PM
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Check Your Front Riser Loops! Can't Post

In one week's time, our DZ has had two people (one of whom was myself) have a dive loop break on them in a front riser turn. I was doing mine up high, so it was no big deal, but the other person was doing a carve in and it almost ruined his day. :-o

After inspecting my rig, my rigger said that we both had the same problem -- whoever sewed the loops on didn't do it right. In the other person's case, this would have been the factory as his container was brand new. In my case my rig was used, so it could have been the factory, or it could have been a rigger who added them later.

The problem is this... the person sewed the loops on right at the end of the fabric and only with a single stitch. That is, it was sewn just above the frayed part where the fabric was cut. So both of us basically pulled the loops right out of the stitching. The solution is to stich the loop higher up and do a double-stitch to reinforce it.

Y'all might want to take a quick look at your loops to make sure they're sewn correctly, since a broken loop at the wrong time could be really bad news.

Safe swoops!

Blue Skies!


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