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Threats and verbal abuse of moderators


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Mar 19, 2005, 12:10 PM
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Threats and verbal abuse of moderators Can't Post

Heya all,

(This announcement is only relevant to a few individuals. I apologize in advance to the majority of you for the tone.... Smile )

Some of the PMs that moderators receive from time to time are simply unacceptable.

If you have a concern about a decision a moderator has made or an action that was taken, feel free to PM me and I will deal with it. The moderators will tell you that I have no issues questioning them about decisions they've made and reversing them if I disagree. Also keep in mind, we often discuss actions amongst ourselves before they are taken so by the time it happens it already has my blessing.

Within the rules, you are of course welcome to disagree with them like any other user on the merits of any topical discussion that they choose to participate in.

If you however threaten or verbally abuse them in any manner about anything relating to their moderation duties, whether it be via PM, email, forum post or in person, then you need to understand this: I have zero tolerance for this behavior. I will disable your username and shut this site down for you without having a conversation about it. I will also disable any future usernames you register as well.

The moderators are volunteers who spend and enormous amount of their own time helping create an environment where everyone can feel welcome. They do a great job under pretty tough circumstances. Please help make this an enjoyable experience for them as well. Show them respect when they do their jobs and they will do the same. If you don't, they probably still will, but I may not....

That's the end of that. Back to the fun stuff! Smile

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