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Oval P/C???


SkySlut  (D License)

May 7, 2001, 9:46 AM
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Oval P/C??? Can't Post

I just got my new Odyssey from SunPath and I have noticed that when I land and pick up my P/C...the bridle is really twisted so that the material isnt flat, its shaped like a tube. Its a major pain in the ass to untwist it all the time. Any theories on why this is happening??? I am assuming that the P/C isnt perfectly circular and that it is more oval. I can obviously tell that the P/C is mis-
shapen. My question is: What is causing this? Is it bad for the kill line (I do make sure that there arent any twists in the line itself), should I have this replaced or is this something that I could just deal with it? Does this problem go away as the material wears in a bit??? If I do need to get rid of this, does anyone know how SunPath is about these things???


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riggerrob  (D 14840)

May 7, 2001, 11:19 AM
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Re: Oval P/C??? [In reply to] Can't Post

Tell SunPath that you want a replacement pilotchute that flies straight.
The twisting will only get worse as the pilotchute ages. We expect twisting on tired, old pilotchutes, but this is not acceptable on new gear.
SunPath is a reputable manufacturer and they will send you a replacement pilotchute in short order.

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