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Helicopter Birdman 2-way


Premier cpoxon  (D 11665)
May 13, 2002, 5:06 PM
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Helicopter Birdman 2-way Can't Post

Eddy and I did a 2-way Birdman jump out of a Bell B206 Jetranger III from 6,000 feet yesterday. Eddy exited from in front of me on his back to film me. Neither of us are strangers to still air (the chopper was running in at about 20 knots) and Eddy only intended to stay on his back long enough to get some video stills of me but he was surprised how quickly he flipped over and I went head-low, flailing for a second, so it didn't go totally to plan! See the attached still of me taken by Eddy on exit.

Thanks to Mike and Linda for agreeing to exit at the same time on their more traditonal skydive from the other side of the helicopter so the weight loss would be symetrical, and also putting up with a couple of flailing birdman zipping around them. Thanks to the chopper pilot for the ride. Thanks to BPS Langar for getting the chopper in for the boogie. I've only been in a R22 once before and I landed with that one too. Thanks to Birdmen for the suits. Thanks to Icarus for my canopy and thanks to Rigging Innovations for my container. Okay, getting a bit silly now. Finally thanks to my mothers! :-)

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