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174fps  (C 3060)

May 13, 2002, 11:18 AM
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Beer Can't Post

I finally got to jump my (new to me) lightning on Saturday.
It was windy , gusty so I passed up the offer to be a WDI
on the first load.
I went up with a tandem w/video (C-182)
I was just about to open the door at 7500' when they radio
that it is gusting to 27 mph on the ground.
Decide to go to 9500' follow the tandem and take the spot a mile or so longer.
They go, one gravel road, next gravel road , hop reach pull....
That wasn't too bad.
Check for stall point, to waist OK, below waist start to fold up. OK dont do that
close to ground.
Try a few spirals... start getting into a layer of ice crystals. Good thing I'm not in freefall.
Try my new trim tabs, front riser dive front riser spiral...responsive.
Unlock trimtab....left ok. Right jammed.. cant get it to move.
How's she flying not too bad.
Time to land still windy.
Put her down right next to tandem, video of landing, stood it up.
Much to Pete's (Canuck)disgust, wanted to see me crash and burn.
Repacked it , without too much sticking out.
(Rigger had helped me the first time.)
Beer was cold and tasted real GOOD.

Weather was perfect on Sunday, lots of students and tandems.
No CReW.
Got three jumps, sit and RW.


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