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First NEW rig


BenW  (C License)

May 3, 2001, 5:05 AM
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First NEW rig Can't Post

Hey All!

I'm looking at getting my first new rig in the next couple of months. My current rig which I got second hand is looking a little shabby and I'd like something newer.

I've got 112 jumps in total and I've done about 90 jumps on this rig. It's a Vector copy with a Sabre 170 main. My exit weight is about 210lbs which loads the sabre at 1.23 or so. I'm comfortable under canopy and can stand up all my landings <touch wood...>.

I don't particularly want much more in the way of outright performance. What canopies out there would suit a confident, but low number jumper that can be loaded at roughly the same kind of wing loading?

Having checked the specs for the sabre - I'm apparently above the recommended exit weight yet I've had people tell me that I could quite happily go to a 150. Will the glide ratio be reduced? What effect will this have on landings etc.

I'm really quite bemused at the amount of choice and the recommended exit weights manufacturers seem to use!



jaybird  (D 24977)

May 3, 2001, 8:51 AM
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Re: First NEW rig [In reply to] Can't Post

I ordered a vector 3 micron for my first. although i dont have it yet. should be here this week!!! i have 89 jumps now, and have been jumping a 149 crossfire. my exit weight is about 190 although i have jumped with 10 lbs of lead a couple of times. this canopy has a lot of potential that i have yet to unlock. i fly it in conservativly considering the number of jumps i have. i will have to say that the glide plane and flare on this canopy are incredible. i have flown stiletto's, but this crossfire is awesome. the crossfire also is recommended at loadings between 1:1 to 2:1. so at 210 exit you would not be overloading it at all. keep in mind, this canopy is highly eliptical, not sure if you are looking for that or not. the openings are great, and basically on heading. i have not had a diving opening in my 30+ jumps on it. if nothing else, talk to your local s&ta, that is what i did.


ditch9276  (A 9489)

May 3, 2001, 9:26 AM
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Re: First NEW rig [In reply to] Can't Post

Hi Ben,

ive bought me container/harness from paratec "next", with 150 Speed Reserve and 150 Quadra Main, no AAD (ive 2 hands) to pull.

The 150 Quadra is a very beautifull canopy, easy to pack, fantastic to fly, you can fly it like you want, fast (not so fast as a high elliptical) or smooth, the openings are wunderfull and soft at all, the flaring with this canopy is really easy.

Hope i could help you.

Blue Skies, soft openings and landings too.


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