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EARLY CReW - The VERY Early Days


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Jan 12, 2005, 8:11 PM
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EARLY CReW - The VERY Early Days Can't Post

I posted this in the History and Trivia section, but for those CReW dogs that don't get over there, I thought this might be of some interest.

Ok, after a bit of historical (hysterical?) research, here is a listing of early articles and photos of CRW...
*Nov '76 Parachutist Mag. - Day Poynter writes tongue-in-cheek article entitled Canopy Contact Relative Wrok: Revolution or Evolution? Turned out he had incredible insight!
*May & June '77 Parachutists - Roger Hull writes Relative Work in Slow Motion
*July '77 Parachutist - Gary Douris (Instructor/ Examiner at Elsinore) writes Letter to the Editor suggesting "...USPA or the FAA should ban all such activity!"
*Oct-Dec '77 issue of Starcrest has FIRST photos of World's First 8-Stack shot by Wes Green, my best friend and roommate at the time. I wrote article entitled " Canopy RW - West Coast Style" detailing the building of the World's First 8-Stack.
*March '78 Parachutist - Bernie Ward (National Enquirer Staff Writer) pens article "Canopy RW - A New Era". Includes photo of my collapsed chute with me under it, held on to by Norton Thomas, on the second attempt at the world record on day-one - October 22, 1977.
*January (?) '78 - National Enquirer actually publishes article and shows photos of the 8-Stack (they sponsored the weekend)
Apr-Jun '78 - Starcrest Magazine - article I penned about 1978 CRW activities including "women in CRW"
*November '78 Parachutist - Bob Morehead writes "Build Your Own Stack" article. Excellent color photos including "World Record 9-Stack" over Thun Field, WA located in Puyallup, WA.
*Dec '79 Parachutist - Article re take-over of the CRW Awards program from Know-Sense team by U.S.P.A. Included my article "The Story of the Canopy Crests" and photos of the early pioneers in CRW. Also list of early recipients
*Feb '81 Parachutist - Article I wrote entitled "First World Cup of CRW" including the rules we drafted for that first competition at Z-Hills.

It would be great if others could contribute some CReW history - firsts and events.

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