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German "Nitro" parachute?


ramon  (D 26115)

May 1, 2001, 8:00 AM
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German "Nitro" parachute? Can't Post

Can someone read the German description of this canopy. I can't make heads or tails of the website and the english portion is incomplete.

It looks like the same parachute that has the little winglets on top. I am very curious to know about their function.

It looks like the same parachute skydpot was going to sell under the name "Vortex" before they dissappeared off of the net.


bloo skies

Premier SkymonkeyONE  (D 12501)

May 1, 2001, 8:23 AM
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Re: German "Nitro" parachute? [In reply to] Can't Post

I am not sure which nation's 4-way team they were (Danish maybe?), but they were jumping them at CSS at Easter. The Nitro is what was to be the Vortex, though I didn't see any mesh over the end cells like was depicted in Gunther Worlein's crude ad under the old SkyDepot website. They were supposedly going to be manufactured by Performance Variable. The first one (the prototype) was built by Atair. The subseqent ones were produced in Malaysia or somewhere, but not at the place Performance Variable has most of their mains made (the Atair factory in Slovenia, in case you didn't know).

As for the mains themselves, they looked like they flew pretty nice. The "fins" on top look pretty lame though; more squared-off than streamlined in front. I seriously doubt that they add anything to the performance, but as they didn't test the design in the proper manner, then I doubt we will ever know. FYI: the way to test that theory would have been to build a canopy with a winglet on only ONE side. Why, you ask? You see, if the wing INCREASED efficiency (and thus, performance), the main would turn in the direction that did not have the winglet. If the winglet increased DRAG (and thus, reduced performance), it would turn in the direction of the side which has the winglet.

Anyway, they sure were "different". Dan Preston and I discussed them for quite some time. He is the one that told me about the proper theory-testing.

Chuck Blue
Atair Factory Pilot

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