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Apr 23, 2001, 7:12 AM
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Hi Sangiro

In November 1999 I often visited your Sangiro's synergy site hosted at Geocities. You had these wonderful enhancements and buttons. There were full descriptions on how to manufacture your own.
I've tried to gain access to this information again but cannot find it. Are these pages deleted or are they hosted elsewhere? Are you not giving this information away any longer? At the least, I suggest you update or delete the site at ""

Blue skies

Premier sangiro
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Apr 23, 2001, 5:54 PM
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Hey - these buttons are not currently hosted anywhere. I'll add the buttons to again at a future stage. I don't think I'll write the discriptions on how to make your own again though...

Why would I delete this site? It's my roots! Smile

Safe swoops

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