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2K Composites chin cup problem?



Aug 23, 2004, 5:10 AM
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2K Composites chin cup problem? Can't Post

On my first jump of the Czech Boogie, my 2K FF1 helmet and myself parted company at about 6 grand. Unsure

Gear check on the ground and in the plane showed no problems with the chincup.

During an uneventful freefly jump (stand) I felt the helmet loosen slightly then just dissapear. (They go upwards pretty quickly! LaughWink)

I don't know if the chincup clasp broke or whether it was at the helmet attachment point.

Has anyone else had similar problems with helmets? Where is the weak point? Just curious. It all seemed really secure to me...

I liked that helmet Unsure

Oh... and thanks to all those who lent me replacement helmets through the boogie! LaughCool

mr2mk1g  (C 103449)

Aug 23, 2004, 5:31 AM
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Re: [yoink] 2K Composites chin cup problem? [In reply to] Can't Post

The ratchet is attached to the helmet with a bolt and nylon lock nut. One of these on my helmet would always come lose as I moved the ratchet arround. I dabbed a bit of superglue on the nut and that solved it. Were your ratchet(s) moving more freely than usual - possably indicating a lose nut?

I think the grab part of the ratchet has a little spring inside... maybe tha gave out or had come away some how?

Other than that, I've never had the ratchet slip. I've had two different ratchets from them too and they're done up TIGHT for my camera helmet. I guess sometimes shit just happens.

That sucks man, they're nice helmets.

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