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Instructor requirements?


masher  (D 3806)

Aug 10, 2004, 2:46 AM
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Instructor requirements? Can't Post

What are the requirements to be, and priveliges of, instructors in the US?

I've gone throught the SIM, and a few other things, searched on here, and I can't find the answers that I'm after.

In the APF, there are three levels of instructor: D, B & A. There is also the Chief Instructor (CI).

An ID needs (at a minimum) a D licence (200 jumps), Star Crest, a Packer B, and to pass all tests with at least 70%

An IB needs (at a minimum) a D licence (200 jumps), a Packer A (can pack reserves), six months as an ID and to pass all tests with at least 70%

An IA needs (at a minimum) an E licence (500 jumps), two years as an IB, pass all tests with at least 70% and to write a thesis on a subject acceptable to the Director Instructor.

A CI needs an IA rating and the recomendation of the local Council.

Instructors must hold at least one endorsement. The endorsements that you can get are:

AFF (need documented evidence of at least 4 hrs freefall)
TM (need E licence, and Private pilots medical)

The priveliges of the instructors:

ID: To instruct student (pre A licence) and novice (pre B licence) in the disciplines for which the appropriate and valid endorsement is held in all phases except emergency training and classroom training (other than briefings for a particular jump) under the direct supervision of an Instructor appointed as DZSO.

IB: to instruct students and novices in all training phases for which the appropriate and valid endorsement is held under the supervision of a Chief Instructor. Can also act as DZSO.

IA: as per IB, but IA's can apply to be Chief Instructors.

CI: As per IB. The CI is responsible for ensuring the quality of instruction, and for the signing off of licences.


IDs can take students up on their jump, and brief them just for that jump.
IBs can teach the FJC as well as take up first jump students. They can also be a DZSO (~S&TA)
IAs -> same as IB.
CIs are responsible for everything, and sign off on licences.

How does this compare with the US?

Premier slotperfect  (D 13014)

Aug 10, 2004, 3:11 AM
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Re: [masher] Instructor requirements? [In reply to] Can't Post

Four Instructional Ratings:

USPA Coach
USPA Instructor
USPA Instructor/Examiner
USPA Course Director

Four Instructional Methods:

Static Line

The requirements and privileges for each are in the "Introduction & Orientation" section of each course syllabus, which you can find in the IRM Essentials. The requirements are in Section A. "What is a USPA (Blank)?" The Course Director requirements for each rating are in Section C. "WHo May Conduct This Course?"

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