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2 DZ's in Hawaii, where to go?


Reginald  (D 28162)

Jun 21, 2004, 1:21 PM
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2 DZ's in Hawaii, where to go? Can't Post

Okay, Im thinking of jumping in Hawaii while on vacation. I wee there are 2 DZs right next to each other on the north shore of Oahu. I have heard that one is basically all tandems and the other is a more well rounded DZ. Id like to know peoples vies of where a licensed skydiver should go. Also, how are the winds, etc. I hear they can be pretty high. Should I plan on arriving in the early morning or late afternoon or does it matter. I plan on going in late July.

Any input is appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you dont want to post to the board.

Blue skies,

skydiveelis  (D 27824)

Jun 22, 2004, 4:27 AM
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Re: [Reginald] 2 DZ's in Hawaii, where to go? [In reply to] Can't Post

Pacific skydiving center is the tandem factory , but you can jump as well, as long as they have enough people or tandems, with 150 jumps under your belt , I'll be VERY careful, winds are really strong and the turbulence are bad as well, there is not too many outs so you're really need good canopy skills, I'm not trying to scare you , just giving you the facts, the vibes are good , people are friendly for the most part and the scenery is great, hope you have a good time and be safe.

BlueSBDeath  (D 10160)

Jun 22, 2004, 5:13 AM
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Re: [Reginald] 2 DZ's in Hawaii, where to go? [In reply to] Can't Post

Hey Ron, I left Hawaii in December, I was there and jumped there for over 5 years. The two companies share runway and DZ. When I left each had a King Air, and a Cessna (SDH-182, and PISC-206). Each is a tandem factory, one stays open till dark the other till they run out of tandems, but both will treat you well. Just get comfortable with the landing area prior to jumping and ensure you understand the current winds and hazards for that day!! It is so beautiful, it is worth the effort to jump there!!!

Have fun, and be safe!!


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