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Hook Turn Lessons learnt



Mar 18, 2002, 6:48 AM
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Hook Turn Lessons learnt Can't Post

Was at the right height for a 360
saw another canopy and hesitated for cleaer airspace (3 secs)
did the 360

lessons :- lost altitude in 3 secs was enough to plough me into the ground sidewards............

Dont be so focused on the hook that simple safety thoughts go out of the window.....

I am still very much learning (only 15 or 16 360's) and this was a mistake that should not have been made.

Be safe out there you crazy kids!!!!...................


PS) Phuq I am aching today!!!.........

"In a world where we are slaves to gravity I am pleased to be a freedom fighter"

ramon  (D 26115)

Mar 18, 2002, 7:15 AM
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if your going to be tough [In reply to] Can't Post

Little lessons
PS IF you had been doing a carve (instead of what sounds like a focused hard hook). You could have bailed cross wind before you got too low. You committed yourself to a 360, never do that, let off your riser and do a 270.300 whatever.

1. Plan your swoop and your outs on the ground.
2. Do not get so focused on your swoop that you ignore everything else till you are apporaching hook altitude and then get introuble.
3. Loose the "I have to hook " attitude. If you do not have clear lane to set up for your hook at the right altitude take your out I mean this. Especially if you are on a 20 person skydiving load, there is a good chace you will not be able to turn where you want, so adjust your turn point or take an out.
4. Do lots of hop'npops. No traffic, work on altitude site picture and focus.Laugh
5. Never do maneauvers that eat up more altitude with out practicing them up high and with no traffic low.

6. Advanced...learn to take slight downwind and cross wind landings rather than get too low in your carve (or if you have to do a 90 or 180 instead of 270, 360.

good luck


rgoper  (C 32349)

Mar 18, 2002, 8:57 AM
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Re: Hook Turn Lessons learnt [In reply to] Can't Post

i'm concerned about you myself, i've read some of your previous posts, and in my opinion, you are careless, and not nearly as observant as you should be. we all make mistakes, some more than others. not flaming you here, just trying to get you to "come to grips" with the safety aspect of this sport we all love, and enjoy. as fellow sky divers, we must care for one another. be safe, take care.....


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