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1st tandem Freefall


edd  (A License)

Mar 15, 2002, 9:59 PM
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1st tandem Freefall Can't Post

Hi All,
I've just taken my first tandem jump at 12,000, as I want to do a AFF my instructer gave me some drills to do. But I have to say my brain and body just could'nt do the drills, plus I felt some motion sickness. So all in all I landed feeling abit rough. Will this pass as I so much want to carry on.

lazerq3  (C -34113)

Mar 15, 2002, 10:27 PM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

HEy congrats on your first jump!!!!!! Yes the motion sickness should pass is very common in tandem to get sick under canopy. Its the whole control issue. My first tandem I was fine , but my second one I almost threw up !!!! When you get on your own rig the whole sickness thing tends to go away because your in control and know where that canopy is going to go!!! As for your brain not being able to do the drills......dont worry about just did something that your hole body was telling you not to.......Your sensories are kicking on overdrive .......this to should pass and soon you'll be have the best time of your life.. Just listen to your instructors and dont get down on your self if you screw something up the first time......WE"VE ALL BEEN THERE!!!Smile!! Its all part of the learnign!!! GOOD LUCK AND WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!



Mar 15, 2002, 10:36 PM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

Too bad, about you feeling sick. I only experienced a little bit on the first tandem, I think because the TM was spinning us a little too much. I was fine on the second tandem, because I asked him not to do any more spins than was necessary. What a rush, though, huh? Good luck and hang in there!


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Premier PhreeZone  (D License)
Mar 15, 2002, 10:47 PM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

The placement and tightness of the harness have alot more to do with getting sick then the spins or freefall does to you. You nedd to beable to get the blood flowing easily to all parts of yor body and if the harness it too tight if can slow the bloof flow to your legs, or cause you to not breath in as much as normal...

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Mar 15, 2002, 11:25 PM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

Man! You mean I missed out on a good ride for nothing? Actually my harness was tighter on the second tandem, at least it felt tighter. But does motion sickness also have something to do with it? A friend of mine was quite 'green' afterwards and has since realized she gets motion sickness.


riggerrob  (D 14840)

Mar 16, 2002, 6:17 AM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

If you were wearing an old style Strong tandem harness and the belly band was too tight, that can press too much on your belly and cause nausea.
Next time ask your tandem instructor to leave the belly band a bit looser.
As for nausea in general, it will pass. Part of the uncertainty is caused by doing something totally new. Part of it is fear of the unknown. The more you know about skydiving, the less uncertainty and the less quesiness. When you know what the next step is, it won't surprise you.

Cornholio  (D License)

Mar 16, 2002, 11:17 AM
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Re: 1st tandem Freefall [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah, it will definitely get better.

Take it from a newbie - I just started my AFF a couple weeks ago.

My Tandem jump was pretty fun, but I also felt like puking afterwards. And I did not know that I wanted to do it again. I was like, "Ok, I did it... why the hell do I want to do that again??" Well, that feeling passed as soon as the nauseous feeling went away and then I couldn't wait to do it again!!!

My first AFF jump was fine - I did not get nauseous at all. My second one was fine too. But my third jump, I switched canopies from a F111 to a ZP and after turning 360s most of the way down I was nauseous again.

I can definitely relate to what you guys were saying about not knowing exactly what the canopy is going to do or what the instructor is going to do that makes you sick. I think the next time I fly a ZP and do high-speed turns, I will be a bit more prepared.

- Matt

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