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"Proper" hands?


WrongWay  (D 27371)

Apr 24, 2004, 6:25 AM
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"Proper" hands? Can't Post

There are three basic hand/arm configurations for headflight. Palms up (pizza hands), palms down, or hands sideways (like shaking hands).

We know that newbies are always taught not to fly "pizza hands" because it makes them roll their shoulders back (sticking their chest out) and it makes a nasty habit of balancing on the hands.

But what about the other two? Is there a "proper" way of flying your arms, or is it just whatever is needed at the time? I've seen lots of great (pro) flyers fly both ways, and I wonder if there is in fact a "correct" way.

Personally, I used to fly hands sideways, but recently I've found myself flying more palms down. I think it's a more relaxed position, it provides a smoother, cleaner surface to work with, and it helps keep my chest straight. That's just me though.


brits17  (D 24752)

Apr 24, 2004, 9:27 AM
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Re: [WrongWay] "Proper" hands? [In reply to] Can't Post

I've never been told one is right or one is wrong. As for me, I've always flown whatever's comfortable honestly. If I've gotta go faster, I usually find myself palms down, If I'm at a comfy fall rate, usually 'shaking' hands, and if I've gotta put on the brakes, I'm delivering those pizzas. Same thing when I'm taking a grip, the other is semi-controlling fall rate (subconciously).

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