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jtval  (D 26340)

Mar 16, 2001, 9:23 PM

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okay here's the deal. most of you heard why im non-current so i wont go into that again but, i missed safety day and if you read any of my posts im always trying to stay "non- complacent"(it'll killya)
when i get into the real world(of skydiving) again i will go through a 20 jump(or there about) refresher/advancement course w/ billy weber. so as far as being safe. i am.
but any thing you might wanna add to help me think of things that may have slipped outta my head while i wasnt looking will be helpful.
i dont like statistics...never mind being one!!

here's the deal
next jump(w/billy) will be a few new things for me.

1) new DZ.
2) NEW RIG(MY OWN...whoo hoo!!!)
3) first jump since nov 11th

Im still a low timer, and due to my (non skydive related)injury im lower then i should be(much lower) ive only logged 20 jumps.every day im online in the books/videos keeping current on the info side . i never stopped learning but i'd rather you guys treat me like a 1st timer then take for granted that i didnt forget know what i mean?

plus it may even help some of the other low timers.
keep it in check or it'll get away from ya!!!


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